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This article shows you how to download and install the full version of ImageMagick v7.1.0-50 for free on PC. Follow the direct download link and instructions below for guidance on installing ImageMagick v7.1.0-50 on your computer.

About the software

Use ImageMagick® to create, edit, compose, or convert digital images. It can read and write images in a variety of formats (over 200) including PNG, JPEG, GIF, WebP, HEIC, SVG, PDF, DPX, EXR and TIFF. ImageMagick can resize, flip, mirror, rotate, distort, shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply various special effects, or draw text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves.

ImageMagick is free software delivered as a ready-to-run binary distribution or as source code that you may use, copy, modify, and distribute in both open and proprietary applications. It is distributed under a derived Apache 2.0 license.

ImageMagick utilizes multiple computational threads to increase performance and can read, process, or write mega-, giga-, or tera-pixel image sizes.

The main features of ImageMagick v7.1.0-50 are:

  • create a GIF animation sequence from a group of images.
  • non-linear, edge-preserving, and noise-reducing smoothing filter.
  • accurate color management with color profiles or in lieu of– built-in gamma compression or expansion as
  • demanded by the colorspace.
  • force all pixels in the color range to white otherwise black.
  • utilize ImageMagick from the command-line.
  • bidirectional text support and shaping.
  • overlap one image over another.
  • uniquely label connected regions in an image.
  • smallest area convex polygon containing the image foreground objects. In addition, the minimum bounding
  • box and unrotate angle are also generated.
  • add a border or frame to an image.
  • Canny edge detection, Hough lines.
  • implements the forward and inverse DFT.
  • offload intermediate pixel storage to one or more remote servers.
  • many more……

ImageMagick v7.1.0-50 System Requirements

  •  Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (x86 , x64 & arm64)

How to Download and Install ImageMagick v7.1.0-50

  1. Click on the download button(s) below and finish downloading the required files. This might take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on your download speed.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. If you don’t know how to extract it, see this article. The password to extract will always be:
  3. Run the “ImageMagick-7.1.0-50-Q16-x64-static.exe” and install the software
  4. You now have the full version of ImageMagick v7.1.0-50 (x64) installed on your PC.

Required files

File #1 (38.0 MB)


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