How to Wrap Text in Google Slides

Adding text and images to the same slide can cause formatting problems. However, learning the proper way to wrap text around elements can help solve this issue. This guide will show you how to wrap text in Google Slides by adding text boxes.

Wrap text around an image in Google Slides

  1. After the image is inserted, you can begin to wrap text around it. First, navigate to Insert > Text box. Click and drag the cursor to create the text box. You can use the border points on the text box to adjust its size.
    Creating a Text Box in Google Slides
    Go to the Insert tab and click Text box.

    Text Box in Google Slides
    Use the border points to adjust the text box.

  2. Type in (or paste) your text into the text box.
  3. You can proceed to create multiple text boxes and wrap them around the image.

    Wrapping Text on an Image in Google Slides
    Proceed to wrap the text around the image.

  4. To align the text in the text box in a specific direction, select the text box, click the Align button on the toolbar, and select left, right, center, or justify. Note: we recommend choosing to justify when wrapping text around an object. It looks cleaner and more professional.

    Align Options in Google Slides
    Select your desired align option.

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