How to Strikethrough Text in PowerPoint

The strikethrough tool allows you to either show information meant to be deleted before publishing or to display a change of thought while writing stylistically.

There are two main methods to Strikethrough text in PowerPoint:

Using the Font section

  1. Select the text you want to strikethrough.

    PowerPoint select a text
    Select text to strikethrough.

  2. Go to the Home tab and select the Strikethrough icon.
    PowerPoint Strikethrough tool
    Click the Strikethrough icon.

    The selected text will have a strikethrough.

    PowerPoint text with a strikethrough
    The selected text will have a Strikethrough.

Using the Font dialogue box

  1. Select the desired text and go to the Home tab. Click the dialogue box launcher in the “Font” section.

    PowerPoint Font dialogue box
    Click the Font dialogue box launcher.

  2. In the “Font” dialogue box, select the Strikethrough checkbox. Alternatively, if you want a double strikethrough, click the Double Strikethrough checkbox.
    PowerPoint Strikethrough text options
    Choose Strikethrough or Double Strikethrough.

    Check your slide to preview the strikethrough text.

    PowerPoint double strikethrough
    Preview the strikethrough effect on your text.

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