How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

You may prefer to send an email at a later date but do not want to forget to do so. You’ll be glad to know that both the Outlook web and desktop app allow you to quickly schedule your emails for a time and date you set. Here’s how to do it.

Scheduling an Email in the Outlook Web App

  1. Sign in to
  2. Compose an email as your normally would. This can be a new message, reply, or forward.

    New Email Opened in Another Window
    Compose your email.

  3. Click on the downward arrow next to the “Send” button.

    Downward Arrow Next to Send Button
    Tap the arrow next to “Send.”

  4. Select Send later.

    Send Later Button
    Choose Send later.

  5. You can choose one of the preset times.
    Send Later Pop-Up Dialog Box
    Click on any of the preset dates and times.

    If you want to change the date and time you want the email sent, click on Custom time.

    Custom Time Button
    Tap on Custom time.

    Select the date on the calendar and click on the drop-down menu beside the clock icon to choose the time. You can also type in a different time in the text box.

    Custom Date and Time Pop-Up
    Select your date and time.

  6. Click on Send. Your email will then be saved in the “Drafts” folder until the scheduled time.

    Send Button in Custom Date and Time Pop-Up
    Click on Send.

  7. To verify that your email has been scheduled, go to your “Drafts” folder and check that your email has the label “Schedule Send.” To unschedule the email, delete it from the Drafts folder.

    Scheduled Email in Drafts Folder
    Check for the “Schedule Send” label.

Scheduling an Email in the Outlook Desktop App

  1. Open your Outlook desktop app.
  2. Compose the email you want to schedule.

    New Email in Another Window
    Write your email.

  3. Go to the Options tab.

    Options Tab in a New Email Window
    Select the Options tab.

  4. Choose Delay Delivery on the far-right side of the ribbon.

    Delay Delivery Option
    Click on Delay Delivery.

  5. Next to the Do not deliver before checkbox, choose your preferred date and time. This is the exact date and time that your email will be sent to your recipient. Then, hit Close.
    Date and Time Drop-Down Menus
    Select a date and time.

    Close Button in the Properties Dialog Box
    Click on Close.

  6. Click on Send. You can now see your scheduled email in your Outbox. To unschedule the email, delete it from the Outbox folder.
    Send Button in the Email Window
    Click on Send.

    Scheduled Email in the Outbox Folder
    Check the Outbox folder for your scheduled email.

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