How to Save a PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF

PowerPoint documents need to be converted into PDF to ease accessibility and distribution. Your audience can access the PDF document online using their browsers. Let’s look at how to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF for all versions.

Save a PowerPoint Presentation as PDF (Without Notes)

Once you have your PowerPoint presentation ready to be converted to PDF:

  1. Select File in the top ribbon.

    PowerPoint File Tab
    Click on File to access the document’s settings.

  2. Go to Export and select the tool Create PDF/XPS Document.

    PowerPoint Export tool and create PDF XPS document tool
    The tool allows you to create a read-only PDF file of the PowerPoint document.

  3. Click Create PDF/XPS.

    PowerPoint create PDF xps tool
    Select Create PDF/XPS.

  4. Choose where to save your document. Then, click Publish to convert the PowerPoint document to PDF.
    PowerPoint Publish PDF tool
    Click Publish.

    The PDF document will open automatically with Adobe reader when the process is completed.

    PowerPoint document converted into PDF
    Scroll down to preview how other slides appear in the PDF document.

Save a PowerPoint Presentation as PDF (With Notes)

Speaker notes provide additional information that is not provided on a PowerPoint slide.

  1. Select File in the top ribbon.

    PowerPoint File Tab
    Click File.

  2. Click Save As then Browse.

    PowerPoint Save As tool
    Click Save As > Browse.

  3. Choose where you want to save the PDF. Then click on the Save as Type dropdown.

    PowertPoint dialogue box save as type drop down arrow
    Click the drop-down arrow.

  4. Select PDF from the list.

    PowerPoint Save as tool PDF option
    Choose the PDF file format.

  5. Click Options on the dialogue box, then click on the the Publish what dropdown menu.

    PowerPoint Publish what drop down arrow
    Click the drop-down arrow.

  6. Select Notes pages from the list.

    PowerPoint Notes pages tool as a publish option
    The Notes pages option allows you to include speaker notes when converting to PDF.

  7. Click OK then Save to convert the document to PDF.
    PowerPoint save as dialogue box Save command
    Make sure that you click OK first, then Save.

    The presentation will be converted to PDF with speaker notes included.

    Sample PowerPoint pdf document
    The PDF document will display notes at the bottom of the page.

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