How to Rotate Text in Google Slides

Just like rotating objects and images, you can also rotate text blocks on Google Slides. This adds variety to a specific slide and can make it look more aesthetic, helping bits of text stand out. This guide will show you three ways to rotate text in Google Slides.

Using the Rotation Handle

  1. Go to Google Slides and open your slide presentation.

    Google Slide Presentation
    Select your slide presentation.

  2. Select the text block you want to rotate.

    Selected Text
    Click the text block.

  3. On the top, you will see several border points and a small point above the second border point. This point is called the rotation handle or rotate handle.

    Rotation Handle
    Rotation handle in Google Slides.

  4. To rotate the text, hover your cursor above the rotate handle. Then, click and drag sideways (either to the left or right) until you reach the desired angle at which you want the text to be rotated.
    Rotate Text via Rotation Handle
    Drag sideways until you reach your desired text rotation.

    Rotated Text Using Rotation Handle
    Rotated text using the rotation handle.

Using the Rotate Option

  1. Navigate to the text block you wish to rotate.

    Selected Text
    Click the text block.

  2. Select it and right-click. From the options, hover your cursor over the Rotate option.
  3. Here, you can choose from various rotation options, like Rotate clockwise by 90°, Rotate anticlockwise by 90°, Flip horizontally, and Flip vertically. For this article, we’ll select Flip vertically.
    Rotate Option in Google Slides
    Right-click the text block and go to the Rotate option.

    Vertically-Rotated Text
    Text that’s flipped vertically.

Using the Arrange Tab

  1. Go to the text block you wish to rotate.

    Selected Text
    Click the text block.

  2. In the top ribbon, go to the Arrange tab and hover your cursor over the Rotate option. The rotation options are similar to the ones in the previous method. For this method, we’ll rotate the text counter-clockwise 90°.
    Rotate Text via Arrange Tab
    Select the Arrange tab and hover over the Rotate options.

    Counter-Clockwise Rotated Text
    Text that’s rotated counter-clockwise by 90°.

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