How to Print PowerPoint Slides with Speaker Notes

Giving your audience printed PowerPoint slides with speaker notes will help them understand the main ideas of the presentation. In addition, Speaker notes point out additional information that may not be included in the slides. Hence, speaker notes will enhance the effectiveness of your printed slide. In this guide, I will show you how to print PowerPoint slides with speaker notes easily.

How to print PowerPoint slides with speaker notes

  1. Open your PowerPoint document and select the File tab.

    PowerPoint File tab
    The File tab opens the Backstage view of the document.

  2. Click the Print option, then select Full Page Slides under “Settings.”

    PowerPoint Print in full page slides option
    The print option displays various PowerPoint printing settings.

  3. Click Notes Pages under “Print layout.”

    PowerPoint Notes pages option in print
    The Notes Pages option allows you to print speaker notes together with slides.

  4. Notice that the print preview displays the speaker notes when “Notes Pages” is selected. Select your preferred layout and color, then click Print.

    PowerPoint Print preview with speaker notes
    The speaker notes will appear as shown in the print preview.

Note that the number displayed at the bottom of the printed paper is the PowerPoint slide number, not the printing page number.

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