How to Make a Table in Google Sheets

Tables allow you to organize your data into rows and columns. This makes it easier to compare sets of data.

Google Sheets already comes with a table-style layout – for example, copying and pasting a set of data from Google Sheets would paste that data as a table.

However, Google Sheets also has a border button to present the data as tables. Follow these steps to create a table in Google Sheets:

  1. First, select any cell in the sheet.

    Selecting Cell
    Then, click on any cell in the sheet.

  2. From the top menu, click on the Border icon. Then, choose the All borders option from the dropdown. Other border options are available, and you can choose according to your table style requirements.

    All Border
    Select the All border option from the Toolbar Menu.

  3. Select any cell and hover the cursor over the cell. Next, click and drag the fill handle downwards to create rows. Similarly, click and drag the fill handle rightwards to create the columns. For example, I am creating a table with five rows and six columns.
    Creating Table
    Grab and drag the Fill Handle to create rows and columns for the table.

    If you already have a set of data, then simply highlighting that data and clicking on the Borders button will add borders to your data.

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