How to Delete a Text Box in PowerPoint

When organizing your PowerPoint slide content, you may need to delete a text box. This guide shows you the most straightforward methods and some troubleshooting options if it stubbornly won’t delete.

Option #1: Use the Delete keyboard shortcut

Left-click the text box border to select it, then press:

  • Windows users: press DEL on your keyboard.
  • Mac users: Backspace on your keyboard.
text box border in PowerPoint
Click the text box border, then press DEL.

Option #2: Cut the text box

Even though this is an indirect method, it allows you to delete a text box without using your keyboard.

Right-click the text box border and select Cut.

PowerPoint Cut command
Click Cut.

Alternatively, select the text box, go to the Home tab and click the Cut icon. The text box will now be deleted.

Cut icon in PowerPoint
Click the Cut icon.

Still can’t delete the text box? Try these solutions

Scenario #1: Text box is under other objects

It isn’t easy to select a text box when other objects are layered over it. You can use this solution to select it instead:

  1. Go to the Home tab, select Arrange, then click Selection Pane…

    Select Selection Pane…

  2. A “Selection” panel will appear on the right with a list of objects on the slide. Select the object names until your desired text box is selected on the slide. Then, use one of the options above to delete it.

    PowerPoint Selection pane
    Select the text box in the selection pane for deletion.

Scenario #2: The text box is grouped

When objects are grouped, they appear as one element on the slide. Therefore, if you want to delete a grouped text box, you have to ungroup it first.

  1. First, select the text box.
  2. Go to the Home tab, select Arrange, then click Ungroup.

    PowerPoint ungroup tool
    Select Ungroup

  3. Now you can select the text box and hit the DEL key on your keyboard (backspace on Mac).

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