How to Create a Timeline in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint, a timeline is a visual that may be used to illustrate distinct points in time across a given time period, whether past or future. These timelines can be used in corporate meetings, educational courses, or for personal usage.

In this article, I’ll teach you how to easily create a timeline in PowerPoint for your presentations, meetings, and seminars. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. Select the Insert tab in the top-ribbon, then click on SmartArt

    Untitled design (1)
    On the Insert tab, Click on SmartArt

  2. From the gallery, choose a SmartArt graphic. Click on Process, then select the Basic Timeline graphic (you can also choose a different type of timeline if you prefer).

    Untitled design (14)
    Click on Process and then, select the Basic Timeline graphic

  3. The Timeline graphic will now be inserted. Click on [Text] and type in your text
    Untitled design (12)
    Click [Text] and type in your text

Adding new shapes to the timeline

To add new shapes (points) to your timeline, first, click on your added timeline. In the top ribbon, select Design, then Add Shape. Next, click on an existing shape and then select either Add Shape After or Add Shape Before.

Untitled design (4)
Click on Add Shape to add new points to your timeline

Editing text in the timeline

  1. To edit the text, click on Text Pane in the “Design” tab. Select a text to edit it.

    Untitled design (5)
    Click on Text Pane to edit text

  2. If you want to add bullet points within the text, select the timeline again then click on Add Bullet under the Design tab.

    Untitled design (6)
    Go to SmartArt, click on Design and then click on Add Bullet to add bullet points

Change the direction of the timeline

To change the direction of the timeline, select your timeline object, In the Design tab, select the Right to Left option.

Untitled design (8)
To change the direction of your timeline, go to the Design tab under SmartArt and choose Right to Left

Change the type of timeline

To change the timeline SmartArt graphic, click on your Timeline, go to the Design tab and select a new graphic.

Untitled design (9)
To change SmartArt graphic, select a new one in Layouts

Changing the color of the timeline

To change the color of your timeline graphic, click on Change Colors in the Design tab

Untitled design (10)
To change the color, click on Change Colors in the Design Tab and select the color you want

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