How to Create a Shared Google Drive

If you want to store, access, and look for files within a team, creating a shared drive on Google Drive is an easy choice.

Keep in mind that you cannot make shared drives using your personal account, as they are only available for eligible organizational accounts

You can also get a Google Workplace account that supports shared drives for as low as $12 per user per month. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to create a shared Google Drive.

Create a shared Google Drive on your browser

Step 1: Set up the shared drive

Create a Shared Drive using organisational Email Address
Create a Shared Drive using an organizational Email Address.
  1. Go to Google Drive using your organizational Google account.
  2. On the left, click Shared drives.
  3. Next, click Create a shared drive.
  4. Give your new shared drive a name and click Create.

Step 2: Add team members to the drive

Once the shared drive is created, you can add your team members to it. Team members need to be within the organization to access the shared drive. Follow these steps:

Manage Members of the Shared Drive
Add members to the Shared Drive from within the organization.
  1. Click Manage members on the top-right of your shared drive.
  2. Next, enter your members’ emails and assign them an access level.
  3. Before clicking Send, make sure the Notify people checkbox is marked so team members can get a notification. You can also send them a message.
  4. Finally, click Send.

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