How to Add, Change or Remove Gridlines in Excel

Gridlines provide a visual reference of the cells in an Excel spreadsheet. You can choose to remove them or modify them for your spreadsheet.

This guide will show you how to add, change or remove gridlines in Excel. In addition, I will show you how to include gridlines if you want to print your spreadsheet.

I will be using the Office 365 version of Excel (build 2203). However, the instructions are similar in other versions.

Adding and Removing Gridlines

  1. From the top menu, click on the View tab.

    Excel Spreadsheet
    Select the View tab from the top menu.

  2. Navigate to the Show section and Deselect the Gridlines option to remove gridlines from your spreadsheet.
    Excel Spreadsheet
    Add or remove gridlines from the Show section.

    The gridlines are now removed.

    Excel Spreadsheet
    Gridlines are now removed.

    Alternatively, you can Select the gridlines option to re-add them.

How to Change Gridline Color

Gridlines are a primary function in Excel, and you cannot apply that many changes to them. However, you can change their color by following these steps:

  1. Open the File tab from the top menu.

    Excel Spreadsheet.
    Open the Files tab.

  2. Select Options from the side menu.
    Excel Files Section
    Select Options.

    This will open the Excel Options tab. This interface allows you to change various default options.

    Excel Spreadsheet
    Excel options menu.


  3. Open Advanced options from the left.
    Excel Options Menu
    Navigate to Advanced options.

    Navigate to the Display Options section. From here, you can select your desired Gridline color.

    Excel Options Menu
    Scroll to the Display Options section.

  4. Select your desired color and click on OK.
    Excel Options Menu.
    Select your desired color.

    Your gridline color is now changed.

    Excel Spreadsheet
    The gridlines are now colored.

How to Print Gridlines in Excel

  1. Navigate to the Page Layout tab from the top menu.

    Excel Spreadsheet
    Navigate to Page Layout from the top menu.

  2. From the Sheet Options section, under Gridlines, select Print.

    Excel Spreadsheet
    Select the print option to enable printing.

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