How to Add an Electronic Signature to Google Forms

An electronic signature makes verifying a person’s identity easy and eliminates the need for scanning papers. Most contracts or official documents you set up using Google Forms will require the respondent’s e-signature.

Although there is no in-built Google feature to e-sign, you can use an add-on to quickly and easily achieve this. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up the Signature add-on

  1. Open your Google Form. This should be a completed Google Form which is ready to have a signature added to it.

    Create form
    Open your Google Form.

  2. First, linking Google Sheets to the form is necessary to view the signature response. For that, click on the Google Sheets icon in the “Responses tab” at the top and create a new spreadsheet.

    Click spreadsheet icon
    Click on the icon to create a new spreadsheet.

  3. Click on the three dots menu on the top right. Select the Add-ons option. A new window of “Google Workspace Marketplace” will pop up.

    Three dots menu
    Select the Add-ons option from the menu.

  4. Enter “signature” in the search bar. Next, find the Signature add-on and click Install.

    Install Extension
    Install the Signature add-on to your Google account.

  5. A permission request will appear, asking you if you want to allow the extension to access your Google account. Grant the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Add a signature field

  1. After installing, click on the Add-on icon at the top of your form and select Signature.

    Signature Add on
    Click on the signature Add-on.

  2. Select Start, and a new window will pop up.

    Click start
    Click on Start.

  3. Click on Login in the side window, and the add-on will offer different signature options for you to choose from. Note: the add-on gives you ten free signatures at the time of installation.
    Select signature option
    Select signature options according to your requirement.

    Single Signature: It links one signature to one form. This makes it a good choice when creating agreements/contracts to be filled by a single respondent only.

    Multiple Signature: It allows the respondents to add more than one signature to each form. These signatures are stored in the responses sheet and work well for petitions, sign-up forms, etc.

    Self-sign (free): The self-sign feature allows the creator of the form to add their own signature instead of only allowing respondents to sign.

  4. Select any of the signature options from above, depending on the type of form you want to create. In case of multiple signatures, assign the number of signatures you want per response and click submit.

    Number of signature per response
    Assign the number of signatures you want to allow per response.

  5. Click Get Link, then select Copy link. Use this link to share your Google Form with others – don’t use the link on the top of the form.
    Get link
    Click here to get the link.

    Copy link
    Copy the link.

Step 3: Test the form

  1. To ensure the add-on works as intended, open the link from the previous step on another Google account. When you open the form, you will see a “green button” on the top left. Click on it.

    Green button
    Click the green button to draw your e-signature.

  2. A page will open where you can draw your electronic signature. Once you’ve drawn it, click on Save.

    Click save after drawing your signature.

  3. You can now Submit the form.

    Submit the form
    Submit the form.

  4. Sign in to Google Sheets from your account to create the form. Here, open the Sheet you created in step 1. You can view the signature of respondents here under the “Signature” column.
    Click the link under the Signature column.

    This is how the electronic signature will look like.

    Signature is visible
    This is how respondents’ electronic signature will look like.

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